Microsoft Compact Optical Mouse USB English Strawberry Sorbet Pink Retail
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Available quantity: 713
  • Units: pcs.
  • Connection: USB

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The high value of the product Compact Optical Mouse

Enjoy great features such as shape suitable for right or left handed, and stay creative, without letting it ruin the budget. With this mouse, you can rely on smooth and precise control through optic technology and design with three buttons. Use the scroll wheel, you can easily navigate documents and Web pages.

  • Easy to install and use. Avoid installing the software and setting functions.
  • Compact shape. It easy to carry and use in tight locations.
  • Comfort for both hands. The mouse can be used right or left hand. The universal design is always as comfortable.
  • Scroll Wheel. Quickly navigate in documents and Web pages without using the on-screen scroll bar.
  • Optical Technology. Get the benefits of cutting-edge optical technology. Optical sensor with a resolution of 800 dpi delivers greater accuracy and control.