Microsoft Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse
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  • Connection: USB

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The Microsoft M20-00014 Mouse is comfortable to use and easy to take on the go. It
can be used with either the right or the left hand, and has a contoured design
for comfort. 

This Microsoft three-button mouse works on almost any surface and
comes with optical technology. 

The Microsoft notebook optical mouse has a
wider-than-average scroll wheel, making it easier to move. Users can scroll
through pages of documents or browse web pages easily and quickly with the
scroll wheel on the Microsoft M20-00014 Mouse. 

The Microsoft M20-00014 Mouse
works with Windows XP or Vista and Mac OSX. 

The Microsoft three-button mouse
connects via USB cable. 

The compact design of the Microsoft M20-00014 Mouse
makes it convenient to put in a laptop case for travel. 

It moves at speed of
30.48 cm/sec with a resolution of 400 dps. At 5.4 cm wide and weighing 0.2 kg,
the Microsoft notebook optical mouse is smaller than the standard mouse, making
it easily portable.