Creative Live!Cam Socialize HD1080
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Creative Live!Cam Socialize HD1080 - Full HD 1080p Video, 12MP, NEW, Retail


Record, edit and share Full HD 1080p videos

Record, edit and share your videos in stunning Full HD 1080p quality with Live! Cam Socialize HD 1080. With just one click using Live! Central 3 software, you can easily upload and share your HD video blogs on YouTube and Facebook. Or even combine them with 12-megapixel* photos to produce movies complete with your favorite music! Also, never worry about being out of shooting range or appearing blurry with the auto focus, wide-angle lens. It captures all the action so you enjoy superbly sharp HD 720p online video chats, while built-in Dual Stereo microphones block out unwanted external noise. Got lots of namecards? Included Live! Scan software is able to extract information from them in a snap, and helps you organise these contact details.